It’s a Great Time to be a Writer

It’s a Great Time to Be a Writer (and Even Better, a Self-Published One)Writing and publishing

Writing a book, and becoming a published author is a great thing. It comes with many benefits, from a self-improvement point of view, from a personal growth or business point of view. Writing a book makes sense whether you write fiction for entertainment, or non-fiction for your business needs or as a guide for your hobbies. First of all, it’s a huge achievement that you should be proud of. Next, being an author brings you credibility, gives you authority in your subject area, gives you something to talk about when you’re meeting new people. Third, being an author opens so many doors and opportunities that you may not have had otherwise. Fourth, it brings you a new income stream, brings you (good) exposure, and helps you create a bigger platform.
As a Writing Coach and Publishing Consultant, I help aspiring authors like you to write and publish the book that they’ve been thinking about, dreaming about and wishing about. I speak to lots of writers who have been letting fear and doubts get in their way of achieving their dreams, and I help them to overcome those obstacles, such as procrastination and self-doubt.
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If you’ve decided to let go of those doubts and write a book, that’s awesome! It’s a good time to be an author because the world of writing and publishing has changed, and that’s a good thing for everyone of us, both readers and writers.
Some years (or a decade) ago, many writers like us were faced with very few options when they wanted to get their books published. We all had to go through one process of traditional publishing:
  • Write a very good book
  • Try to find a literary agent that will represent you
  • If you’re lucky, you get an agent, and he or she tries to sell the rights to your book to traditional publishers
  • If you’re really lucky, a traditional publisher likes your work, and pays you a sum of money to take your manuscript and publish it
  • If you’re really, really lucky, your book gets published on average, within two years, and your publisher gives it a good marketing campaign
  • If you’re extremely lucky, retailers will buy copies of your book from the publisher, and display it on their book store shelves.
  • Now if you’re among the luckiest people in the world, your book goes on to make huge sales, you earn back your advance, and even get some more royalties.
But what about those writers who don’t have luck on their side throughout the process of becoming a traditional published author?
Well, they didn’t have a choice. They kept trying and hoping. Acquiring a growing pile of rejection slips and drowning their sorrows in hope (and whiskey).
Fast forward to today – and the story is very different! Now many writers have the option of bypassing the wholeHappy self-publishing writer traditional publishing model, cutting out agents and publishers, and in effect, reaching their readers directly with their books. There’s never been a time when it has been cheaper, easier or faster to become a published author. And this is great news for everyone! Both writers and readers can enjoy the benefits.
Of course, you still have to write a good book that will inform and entertain your reader. When you are finished with the writing and you decide to self-publish your work, then you can look forward to:
Benefits of Self-Publishing:
  • Complete creative control over your work – you choose your title, you control your cover images, etc.
  • Control over your prices – you can choose a price, change your mind and set price offers whenever you want
  • Control over when you publish, and what formats – you hold all your rights, and you can decide when and how to exploit them
  • Greater engagement with readers – your readers can find you easily, they don’t have to write to a publishing house address
  • Transparency over your royalties – you know and you can easily track all your earnings
  • Speed of the publishing process – you can go from manuscript to published in a few months, compared to years with traditional publishing.
  • Freedom to write what you want, without taking orders from a publisher looking at the “market trends”
  • A supportive independent publishing community
  • The satisfaction of managing your own writing career, from beginning to end.
However, many aspiring authors are sceptical about self-publishing, because they feel it would be expensive, time-consuming, complicated, or confusing. They may have heard horror stories from writers who have been fleeced by unscrupulous service providers in the self-publishing industry. Perhaps you’ve even been a victim of such “self-publishing service providers” that only care about taking your money, selling you additional expensive marketing packages, and don’t deliver a genuine service that cares about the quality of your work.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. Self-publishing can be a very enjoyable and rewarding venture. I have been publishing my work since 2010 and I have extensive knowledge of the industry. I know how the process works and I know what pitfalls to avoid. I made many mistakes in the beginning, back when I just started out that cost me a lot of time, effort and tears, but now I’ve learned how to do it quickly, effectively, and without spending a huge amount of money.
That’s why I have created the 30-Day Self-Publishing Course, for writers like you! This training course is for writers who want to learn how to self-publish their work, with simplicity, ease and speed. This course will save you a lot of stress, time, money and the dangers of trial and error. It is ideal for:
  • New authors who are just coming to the end of the writing process and considering self-publishing their book
  • Authors who have tried self-publishing, but ended up choosing the wrong process and making costly mistakes
  • Authors who have had some of their old rights revert back to them, and want to self-publish their backlist.

If this sounds like you, then this is the perfect solution you need. I will show you how to publish your book on Amazon and other retailers, whether you want to publish an ebook, print book, or both. I will help you with positioning your book to attract the best audience, and help you make money from book sales. I will help you avoid the scams, pitfalls and mistakes that new writers fall into. At the end of the course, you will be armed with the right knowledge to publish your books in future, without going through middlemen. Find out more about the 30 Days Self-Publishing Course here.

There has never been a time when it’s been easier, faster, cheaper and better to be a published author. I’m publishing two new books for my clients next week – people just like you who decided to let go of the doubts and bring their book to life!
So reach out to me if you want to achieve the same dream of becoming a published author too. Dust off those manuscripts in your hard drive. Bring out those old notebooks of stories you wrote and then buried. People are waiting to read your work.
If you have any questions or you would like to speak to me about any aspect of the 30-Day Self Publishing Course, please send me an email (publisher @ or reach out to me here through my calendar to schedule an appointment. I look forward to helping you bring your book to life.
To your writing and publishing success!
Tolulope Popoola
Writing Coach and Publishing Consultant
Accomplish Press

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