The Brutal Betrayal – Featured Story #9

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We’re back! After the Easter break and some time working behind the scenes, we are sharing the next story in our series, Featured Short Stories, written by students in the Creative Writing Club.

Every week, the students in the club work on writing stories, sometimes from their own ideas, and sometimes from story prompts. This week’s story prompt was: Write a story with the theme of friendship and betrayal.

This story was written by Lolade, aged 11. Enjoy!

The Brutal Betrayal

I had a best friend named Ben. He and I were the same age, and next-door neighbours and we always played together after school. One day, Ben and I were playing in my garden, when his mum called him to come inside. I could hear their voices and an argument, and then some minutes later, Ben came back, looking sad and I got a bad feeling.

“Sorry Nora but I have sad news. I’m moving away,” Ben said. “I wanted to tell you since last week, but I can’t hold it anymore.”

“Oh really, why? Where are you moving to?”

“My dad got a new job in another town, three hours away.”

“When are you leaving?”

“This Saturday.” Ben sniffed.

“Aww, don’t be sad. We can still find a way to keep in touch” I said then hugged him.

I felt bad that my only best friend was moving away. But I hoped things would still be okay. I knew I would miss him, since I wasn’t really keen on making new friends with some of the other kids in our school.

That weekend, I watched as the moving vans were loaded, and Ben’s family’s belongings were carried away. I waved to Ben until his dad’s car was out of sight.

I missed Ben for the next few weeks. Break time at school was dull. And playtime after school wasn’t the same. Then, as if things could not get any worse, my dad suffered a huge loss in his business soon after.

I saw how my Mom and Dad’s relationship started getting worse because of money problems. They were arguing a lot, and it was always Mom who was impatient. Dad kept trying his best, but it seems like nothing was working. And after a few months, Mom left us.

But dad always tried to make me happy. We were short on money, so we had to sell some of our things, and we had to shop at thrift stores. On Saturdays, we would go to the city centre together. He’d spend hours looking for the things that I like.

“Look at this jacket Nora, it has rhinestones. You love rhinestones,” Dad said.

“Yes, it is pretty Daddy,” I said, looking at the jacket he was holding up.

“See I told you we’d find some good stuff here,” Dad said, smiling.

Since I was a good student, I applied for a scholarship at my school. Fortunately, I was able to get it, which helped to relieve Dad of that burden. I needed to work hard and maintain my perfect grades to keep the scholarship. But I was determined to made Dad proud of me.

When I was in the tenth grade, something awesome happened. Ben and his parents returned to our town! I did not know at first, because they moved into a really big mansion in another area. I arrived in school one morning and saw Ben! My heart started beating fast – it had been almost three years. I was so happy to see him and I could tell he was too. He ran towards me with a big smile, then he swept me into his arms.

“Nora, oh my God, you haven’t changed a bit!” Ben said, excitedly.

“But you have!” I said. “You’re now so tall!”

Ben was placed in my class again and before long, we started hanging out together all the time. We had a lot to catch up on, and he told me all about his life in the big city. I told him how hard things had been for my dad and I since he left. Ben was sad and offered to help, but I told him not to worry about it. I was just happy to have my best friend back.

Soon I realized Ben started getting attention from Ruby, and she was the worst. She acted like she owned the town just because her mom was the mayor. She was mean and rude, and I tried to avoid her at all costs.

But to my horror they started dating, and I did not see as much of Ben anymore, or she was always around him. I hated her but for Ben’s sake I tried to be nice and she did the same.

A few weeks later, it was Bens birthday, and he invited me to his new house for a party.  When I arrived, I was in awe of the house. It was beautiful and much bigger than the one we used to live in. I was walking around, when I saw how Ben and Ruby where dancing so close to each other. It made me feel so jealous. I went to the garden for some fresh air. After a while, I was heading back to the house, when Ruby and her friends came out. I immediately hid behind a plant, as I did not want them to see me.

“You really got yourself a hot boyfriend this time Ruby,” said one of her friends.

“Yeah, he is totally wrapped around my fingers, “ Ruby giggled. “He adores me and buys me gifts all the time.

“That’s perfect” another girl replied.

“But there is just one problem,” Ruby continued. “That his miserable beggar friend. I really hate her, and Ben only pities her, She is actually living under his charity, you know?”

Ruby paused, when Ben came out too.

“Come on Ruby, come back to the dance floor. This is your favourite song,” Ben said.

Ruby and her friends followed him back into the house.

I had heard enough. Wiping my tears, I just ran back home. After that day I ignored Ben, even though he asked me if something was wrong a million times.

When we were in our senior year, our teacher announced a science competition, and the winning team was going to get an amazing cash prize. Since Dad and I could use the money, and I loved science, I immediately signed up for the competition. To my dismay, our teacher partnered me up with Ben. I tried to protest and swap partners, but the teacher said it was final.

That afternoon, Ben approached me, while I was going to the library.

“Hey Nora, do you want to come over to my place or should we go to your place instead?” Ben asked.

“No, thanks” I angrily shouted.

“Look Nora, I don’t know why you stopped talking to me, but come on, this is a great opportunity for us. Let’s do this together, so we can win.” Ben pleaded.

I knew Ben was a science genius, so I reluctantly agreed. We came up with some really cool ideas and I ended up at his place most of the time.

I noticed his mom was never around, a few times I asked him about her, and he’d just change the subject.

Ben and I finished the project for the competition. A day after, we were in our spot at the park, when he asked me a weird question.

“Nora do you ever miss your mom?” Ben asked, “How does it feel to live with just one parent?”

“I guess I’ve never really thought about it, but it’s great knowing how much my dad loves me” I said.

“I see.” Ben said. Then he looked at me with tears in his eyes. “My mom is in the hospital. The doctors have said there’s very little hope she will recover. I’m scared Nora, I’m scared.” He was sobbing now.

“I’m so, so, so, sorry Ben” I said then hugged him.

“Thanks Nora.” Ben said wiping his tears. “I have to go and visit her soon.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” I asked.

“Yes, that would be nice.”

Then he asked, “Why were you ignoring me before?”

I took a deep breath. Then I replied.

“Well, it was because Ruby, your girlfriend said I’m your miserable beggar friend, that you pity me and I’m living under your charity. I couldn’t believe you would say something like that, I was angry and heartbroken,” I said.

“Oh my goodness, Ruby twisted my words!” Ben sat up and took my hand. “I actually said I wanted to help you not pity you.”

“Oh, okay.” I said. “So I was not your charity case?”

“No of course not. I’ve actually broken up with her. I realised I loved you and no Ruby could change that.” Ben said holding my hand, again.

“You.. do?”


The End.

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