Essay – My Best Memory of 2023 – Featured Essay #2

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This week, we are sharing another essay from our second lesson of the term.

This essay was written by Harman, aged 9. Enjoy!

My Best Memory of 2023

 In 2023, I took part in many exciting piano exams, I went on amazing school trips, participated in gymnastic competitions and achieved many more goals. But the most exciting time I had was when my school friends and I were invited to the Royal Albert Hall to sing as a choir on the 13th on March. It was even more exciting since my 8th birthday was only a few days away!

That morning, I jumped out of bed knowing that it was going to be a very special day for me. I rushed down the stairs (practically falling over of excitement) but then I was so confused since my mum and dad are normally awake at this time. Then I realised, it was only 4AM! So, I tip-toed back up to my bedroom trying not to make any more noise. I couldn’t fall back asleep since I was too excited. But when I finally slept off again, it was already time for me to wake up.

By this time, it was 6 o’ clock in the morning. The coach for the trip would leave at 8am sharp from the gates of my school so, I was really eager to be on time. I had breakfast consisting of Nutella on toast with tea and milk since I needed to be fully alert and awake to sing for a long time. After I had finished eating my breakfast, I headed over to my piano and started playing some jolly tunes and songs to get ready. Once it was 7:40, I tugged onto my mum’s arm and almost dragged her into the car so that we could leave for school. Even though my school was a 10min walk away, I didn’t want to get tired, because we were going to have a long day. The reasons why was so excited was because: one, I get to skip a whole day of school, two, I was going to be there with my best friend, three, my mum was going to see me sing, and four, it was going to be the best experience ever!

Once we had arrived outside the school, it was time to say our goodbyes to our parents and board the coach. It was kind of sad but at least we’d see them later. I was so excited since it was a once in a life-time experience.

Soon we set off and we were having the best time of our lives. I was screaming and jumping around everywhere on the coach, and on top of that, we were allowed to talk! It seems like such a little thing however we are never ever allowed to talk in school.

Once we had gone through the hour-and-a-half journey, it started raining. We stopped to get some food and we had to decide which Happy Meal we wanted. It was such a nice surprise being able to have a Happy Meal on a school trip and it was amazing. By the time we got to the venue, it was still raining, but thankfully we were able to go under a shelter so that was okay. At least we weren’t going to get soaking wet.

While we waited, I made friends with a girl from another choir and she was really sweet. After we had finished our food, we took our first steps inside the Royal Albert Hall! It was so magical! I looked around and spotted posters of famous people that have performed here. Like the famous singer Adele. In 2011, her incredible performance here at the Hall as part of the Adele Live tour was filmed and led to the release of the live album Live at the Royal Albert Hall. It felt magical and I was amazed, my eyes were attracted to the golden frames, the red carpets, everything was enchanting! I was like bliss for my eyes. As we stepped into the auditorium, I knew we were in for a treat. The jaw-dropping orchestra (with over 2500 instruments) blew my mind!

Our performance was five hours so that meant it was going to be pretty full-on but I thought it was going to be okay since I was going to be there with my best friend and, my mum was also going to see me. We had to start off with practicing our songs, and then wait until we were called to the stage.

Once we had finished practicing our songs, like Sweet Caroline and some others, it was time to perform to the huge crowd of over 3000 people. The hall started to fill up, and then the music began. I took a deep breath and whispered to myself ‘I am amazing, and I can do this!’

I was singing at the top of my lungs, barely having any time to breathe, but it all felt so magical. At some point I was dancing and frantically waving hands around trying to get my mums attention! I certainly was having the best time of my life.

After our performance ended, the rest of the show carried on till the end. By that time, I was tired and on top of that, it was already 9:34pm. But I had the best day ever and I didn’t want it to end! When you’re having fun, time goes in a blink of an eye. Since I knew the journey would take a long time, I tried to stay awake and soak in everything about the Royal Albert Hall. Soon the crowd started to reduce, and we all went back to the coach so that we could head back home. By the time I boarded, I was already shutting my eyes because of how tired I was, and it was pitch-black outside. As the luxurious coach started to drive off, I looked back at the Royal Albert Hall, knowing those memories will stay with me for life.

After we had set off, I couldn’t sleep immediately, even though I was tired, because of all the beautiful lights of Central London,  glistening and gleaming in the moon’s attractive glow. I stared at the soothing River Thames as the buildings reflected in the water. I couldn’t tell when I actually fell asleep, but I did have an amazing time!

Finally when the coach pulled up in school, I saw my mum who was patiently waiting for me. I jumped out of the coach and gave my mum the tightest hug I’d ever given her. And I said, ‘Thank you for being there with me mum, I love you so much!”

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