Featured Story #11 – The New Creation

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Hello everyone! We are sharing another story from our series, Featured Short Stories, written by students in the Creative Writing ClubThis week’s story was from the prompt: Write a story about a shy quiet boy who built a robot with an unusual set of skills and became famous in his town.

This story was written by Nuria, aged 9. Enjoy!

The New Creation

My name is David, and I am 12 years old. I live in a small town beside a lake called Aria. My mom died when I was four, so it’s just my dad and me. When I turned 11, my dad got me a dog. I was so happy to have a companion, that I couldn’t sleep for three nights. I named the dog Dave, because, well, it suits him.

My dad is poor, and he cannot afford for me to go to school, so he homeschools me whenever he can find time. You see, he lost his job as a chef some years ago, and spends most of the day looking for a new job, but is never successful.

My best friend is Peter. He lives nearby and he often comes over in the afternoons. We both have an interest in science and fascinating facts. We do science experiments together, and we read books to each other that inspires us. Sometimes I tag along when Peter goes to school and his teacher lets me watch during science lessons.

Oh right, Peter goes to school. His family has lots of money. He was adopted when he was four, but now it seems they don’t even want him anymore. His older brothers are the biggest, and meanest brats that I’ve ever known. His parents are also mean, preferring to spend their money on fancy clothes and cars. If they had been like Peter, I’m sure I would be going to school, because they would have donated money to us. But they don’t care about helping other people.

One day, while my dad had gone out, I went to the library. As usual, I went straight to the science section. I found a new book called FUN TECHNOLOGY FACTS FOR ADULTS. I was reading an interesting chapter, when an idea popped into my head.
Maybe I could build a robot. One like no one has ever built before.
I slid the book under my shirt, so that no one would see me taking it without a library card that almost everyone in Aria has. I slipped out of the library and ran to my room. I put the book down on my desk before locking the door and putting the key safely in my zip-up pockets.

I started collecting all the tools that I had – pliers, tweezers, a screwdriver, some bolts and screws and a wrench. Next, I had to find materials to build with. I looked around our house, but didn’t find anything, then I got an idea.

I went to the scrap yard to gather materials. I had been there once before, with dad. I asked the men working if it was okay for me to take some of the metals, and they agreed. So I gathered them into a big pile. I made five trips to the scrapyard and back home. It took me almost the rest of the day, since the scrapyard was on the other side of Aria.

When I got back home with the last pile of scrap, I sorted the pieces and put the tools aside. Then I brushed my teeth and tucked myself into bed. Immediately, my eyes felt heavy. I had been active almost the whole day, so I was tired, but I was also very excited. I tried to stay awake to plan my next move, but I fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

As soon as I got up the next day, I set to work. I started putting together a small motor out of the small pieces of scrap. It was harder than I had thought. I had to put the pieces exactly where they belong. The middle of the motor would be a battery. If I made even the tiniest mistake, everything would be ruined, and I would have to do it all again.

“David! Lunch is ready!”, called my dad through the house.
I didn’t answer, as I was trying to focus.
“David! Where are you?”, he sounded worried.
I sighed, got up, and unlocked the door.
Lunch was very good, but I ate it fast without looking at dad. He must have been surprised. Then I hurried back to my room and locked the door again.
“Dad cannot know about this.”, I muttered to myself.
I picked up the book I had smuggled from the library and started studying it for ideas.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
“Dad, could you please leave me alo…”, when I opened the door, I saw Peter standing there, not my father.
“What are you doing in there?” he asked me.
“Um… nothing?”, I answered.
“Come on. You can tell me. I’m your best friend!”
“I’m building a robot.” I said very fast, hoping he hadn’t understood me.
“You’re building a what now?”
I sighed.
“I’ve only just begun, and I think I’m going to need your help.”
Peter came into my room and stopped dead when he saw all of the scrap and tools that I collected.
I slammed the door shut, almost forgetting to lock it. I began explaining why I had begun to build a robot, and when I had finished, he looked very happy to help me.
I showed him the pages from the library book.
“This is going to be so cool when we finish it.” he remarked.
“But that’s going to take a long time”, I say, completely agreeing with him.
Then, we set to work.
He read out things from the stolen library book that he thought would help us, and then we would build.

Little by little, the robot grew bigger.

And then, after a few weeks of hard work, we came to the hardest part, the programming.
I didn’t know much about programming and neither did Peter. So, we had to take a five-month long break off building, while Peter went on a programming course. I was trying to act completely normal in front of my dad, but it was not so easy. I was getting really impatient.
Then, five months later, I had never felt so happy to hear someone knock on the door.
I let Peter in, and he showed me the laptop he had been using for his programming course. And then finally, we went to my room.
Peter showed me the basics of programming and how to use a computer, because I had never had one before.
First, we had to give our robot social connection, which was not so hard.
We had to get some help from a techniker, a special engineer, and begged him not to say a word about what Peter and I were doing, and he agreed.
When that was done, we started with the programming. Peter did most of it because I was still learning, and I made mistakes.

Finally, after a week, we were done with the programming. Now we could begin with the physical head. We were almost done!
Suddenly, my dad walked into my room. Panic struck me. I had forgotten to lock the door!
He looked at the robot, gasped, and then fainted.
Peter and I dragged him into his bed with all our might before he woke up.
We knew we couldn’t keep our little project a secret for much longer, so we had to hurry. After we made sure that my dad was alright, we went back to my room and locked it again.

Within two hours, we were finished, and I couldn’t believe it myself. Our robot was finally ready!
Peter and I gave each other a hi-five, almost knocking each other over, and then we jumped around the room like crazy.

That evening, my dad went to tell the mayor of the town. By the next morning, Peter and I were in the news. Word spread so quickly, and everyone in the town started coming to our house to see the robot. We quickly realised this, and soon they were paying us to see it and test its features.

The people in our town were excited to find out that our robot could walk, speak and interact, it could recite facts, it could solve mathematical calculations within seconds, and follow many instructions. Peter and I were even surprised by some of the things it could do. (We had not been sure until it was proved.)

My dad was so excited. “Son, You’re brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!”, he kept saying. He started making meals for everyone who came to our house. Soon he was busy and making money too!

The Mayor was also impressed, and he gave me a scholarship to attend school. With the money we made from the robot and his new venture, my dad could finally afford many things. And the best part, Peter decided he wanted to come and live with us.

So I lived happily ever after with Peter, dad and Dave, and I was able to go to school together with Peter.


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    What a lovely, feel good story with the kind of ending I like.

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