Angelina the Dragon – Featured Story #2

A girl writing in a bookWe are sharing the next story in our new series, Featured Short Stories, written by students in the Creative Writing Club.

Every week, the students in the club work on writing stories, sometimes from their own ideas, and sometimes from story prompts. This week, we are featuring a story written from the following prompt: Write a story about a girl who found an egg and it hatched into a dragon that breathes fireworks instead of fire.

This story was written by Amy, aged 10. Enjoy!

Angelina the Dragon

Mom and I had just come back from the farmer’s market. We had gone to get some supplies, and we had picked out some eggs. The weather was still very snowy, and it was just days away from New Year.

In the car, mum said I should hold on to the basket of eggs, so that they won’t break. I was checking each one, wondering if chicks can really come out of them, when I spotted a very unusual one. This one was slightly large, and when I looked at it carefully, it seemed to have subtle colours of every kind, changing slowly. I clutched the egg in my hands, and I knew I couldn’t eat this thing. But it would be a shame to throw it away because it was so beautiful. Instead, I slipped it carefully into my new purse, and then continued to examine the other chicken eggs.

When mom and I were in the house, I ran upstairs and went into my room, locking the door. I got the strange egg out of my purse and looked at it carefully. It was still swirling with colours, and I decided not to tell my mother, and just take care of it myself to see what it was. I made a small place to hide it out of sheets and soft paper, and put it in a drawer by my desk, so that no one would see it. But what kind of egg was it?

The next day, my friend Carrie came over to our house and we played in my room.
“Hey, Tess, we can play chess while we’re waiting for dinner to be ready?” Carrie asked.

I said yes.

She started to open the drawer that the egg had been hidden in. And then I knew I was in big trouble. The chessboard was in that drawer, and I had put the egg in it.

“Tess, what’s that?” Carrie asked, pointing to the egg.

“It’s one of the eggs Mom and I got from the market yesterday.” I said.

Maybe letting Carrie know would be a good thing too.

Carrie’s mouth dropped open. “Oh, Tess!” she squealed. “That’s no ordinary egg you’ve got there! That’s a dragon egg!”

She was holding it in her hands now.

“What?” I asked, completely stunned.

“Listen, Tess, I know a dragon egg when I see one, trust me, that thing’s going to breath fire!” Carrie hissed.

“Carrie, don’t talk nonsense, okay? And keep quiet, no one’s supposed to know about it!” I said.

“Tess, I told you, I know a dragon egg when I see one! And this is a dragon egg, if you keep it, it’ll blow up your house!” Carrie screamed. “Throw it away!”

“But I want to keep it,” I said. “I want to see what it looks like.”

We argued for a while, and Carrie was still talking about it when she put on her coat, ready to leave. I decided to ignore her and hatch it and see what would actually come out of it.

Days passed. It felt like months, really. Every day after school, I would take one small look at the egg of swirling colours in my drawer, and it was still the same. But one Saturday morning, I heard a loud cracking noise from my room just after breakfast. I ran upstairs and locked the door and took a look at the egg. It had a large crack. I left the drawer open, but stayed as far as possible. And then it suddenly wobbled a little and popped open. To my amazement, out came a small dragon. Its eyes glowed green, and its body had a reddish colour, and it looked rather frightened. It stretched its tiny wings and jumped onto the floor. I was fascinated with it and watched as it wobbled towards me. I held out my hand slowly and it climbed on me.

That night, Carrie came over again. She took one look at the dragon I had named Angelina and screamed.

“You’ll scare her!” I hissed.

“But it’s dangerous!” Carrie hissed back. “You can’t keep such a thing like this in the house, it’ll blow everything up!” she jumped onto my bed, trying to avoid the wobbling dragon. “How would you feed it and look after it?”

I shrugged, but I thought I would find a way. After Carrie had left, I hid Angelina in a cardboard box behind the curtains before going to my laptop to look for information about dragons. That night, I slept, thinking about how mad my parents would be if they found out.

The next morning, when I was walking to school, I saw a group of children looking at a small sign and complaining about something. I walked over to see what was up.

There was a huge sign just beside the gates of the school, and in black letters, it said:

“We are sorry to say that the New Year Party Fireworks show is cancelled this year. The town sadly doesn’t have enough money to buy fireworks after an accident that happened to the fields a few weeks ago.”

I was sad, and so was everyone else. We had all been looking forward to the show, and now there wasn’t going to be one. No fireworks meant no party and all the fun of the new year celebrations. For the rest of the day at school, everyone was complaining, and no one could pay attention to our lessons.

That afternoon, when I got back home from school, I found my mother standing at the door, very mad. She must have found out about the dragon. She told me that she had seen it wandering into the corridor upstairs. She said we had to get rid of it and the dragon would be gone the day after New Year. Then she stomped into the kitchen and started to chop cucumbers very quickly.

The news spread very quickly in the village: Tess has a dragon. Within a week, everyone knew and wanted to see her. But I was still upset. Soon, she would be gone, and I wouldn’t see her again. I almost dreaded the first of January. What was the point if there were no fireworks, no party, and my dragon would be gone?

On New Year’s Day, I woke up to find everything silent and still. It wasn’t like the other times we had celebrated new year, this time, there were no cheers, no fireworks in the air, and no one was in the mood to do anything. Angelina was already awake, walking across the room and bumping into furniture. She had grown bigger and was taking up a lot more space in my bedroom. She was now a bright red colour, with silver scales on her back and wings.

The day passed slowly. I spent the whole day in my room, and Angelina was flapping her wings everywhere, sending papers flying. In the evening, I decided to take her out for a walk since it would be our last night together.

The streets were empty and still covered in snow. Usually, the town would be festive and busy with lots of people outside enjoying New Year’s Day, but no one was outside except for Angelina and I.

Then the strangest thing happened. Angelina stopped in her tracks, and then rose up to her full height, flapping her wings. For a moment, I thought she was going to blow fire. Instead, pink and purple sparks came from her throat, rising into the night sky.

Carrie must have seen it, for she ran outside to join us. And then the dragon blew more sparks, this time yellow and green. More people rushed outside now, staring up at the creature as beautiful fireworks of all shapes and colours flew up into the sky.

“Mom, Dad, are you still going to send her away?” I asked quietly in the crowd of cheering people. My mother smiled cheerfully and shook her head.

“Of course not,” she said. “For now, we’ll just have to find a place for this huge thing to stay.”

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  1. What a sweet little story. Well done to the young author.

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