A Wonderful Christmas Adventure – Featured Story #4

We are sharing the next story in our series, Featured Short Stories, written by students in the Creative Writing Club.

Every week, the students in the club work on writing stories, sometimes from their own ideas, and sometimes from story prompts. For the next few days, we will be sharing stories with a Christmas theme. So enjoy the Christmas stories! Today’s story is from the prompt: Write a story about a girl that found a Christmas ornament that transports anyone who touches it into a whimsical winter world in the North Pole.

This story was written by Harman, aged 9. Enjoy!

A Wonderful Christmas Adventure

It was the 2nd of December, and I was putting up the beautiful tree for Christmas. I was decorating it with shiny gold baubles and ivory white tinsels. There were delicate, warm lights pre-ready on the tree and light touches of snow added to the ends of each branch. I needed a little bit of help with putting the baubles at the top of the tree so, my mum and dad did them together.

It was finally time to put the star top on. I jumped up and made it to the top of the tree, even though I am ten, I wasn’t quite tall enough yet. I thought something was missing. Then the idea came to my head, the teddy I got from Father Christmas last year. I added the teddy to the Christmas tree, and then it looked perfect. After the Christmas tree was done, I fell asleep on the sofa that was next to the tree because of all the hard work I did.

About an hour later…

Whoa! I yelled as I found myself in… Santa’s sleigh?! Somebody pinch me! I slowly got up wondering if I fell asleep or I was in a coma. I stepped out of the sleigh in wonder. I was in what seemed like the top floor in a factory. Outside it was pure while, everywhere covered in snow. I looked around, and I saw a lot of elves walking around, carrying boxes, working in the toy factory, all very busy indeed. Then I noticed Mother Christmas (yes mother Christmas) working in the kitchen making gingerbread biscuits and Father Christmas sipping a cup of tea. He was studying a long list, looking at the good list and the naughty list, and just like they say, he checked it twice.

I continued to stare at him until an elf came up to me and said,

“Hi Bella! Would you like to help us in the toy factory? Father Christmas’ good list is starting to get too much! And we need help!”

“Oh uhm, why not, I’d love to,” I squeaked. It was a bit awkward talking to a real-life elf! And he knew my name!

The small elf asked if I had my bell and I said yes. But I had so many questions.

The elf led me to where I needed to go, a little table where I had to assemble and pack toys and then we got started! I was so excited but then I realised, there are still twenty-two days till Christmas Eve! How was I supposed to get home? Then I thought to myself, wait, I am at the North Pole? How do I get back home? Do I need to wait all those days? I hit pure panic mode.

I went up to the elf and politely asked, “Umm excuse me, I have accidentally been sent here somehow. Is there a way to get back home to the UK? Sorry for the inconvenience.”

“Oh, Bella you scared me! Hello again, what was that?” The elf babbled.

“Is there a way to get back home before Christmas?” I repeated.

“I’m afraid not, but I tell you what, you can go home with Father Christmas! How does that sound?” the elf explained cheerfully.

Oh. I was wondering, wouldn’t my parents be worried about me?

Then I had an idea, why don’t I send a letter to mum? Yes, that was a jolly good idea! So, then I spoke.

“That sounds great! Only if I’m allowed to send letters to Scotland? Where I live.” I mentioned.

“Of course! We do that every day!”

Great! I thought, let’s go! Wait… does Father Christmas mind? Of course not, why would the elf ask then?

I wrote the letter and handed it to the elf, who skipped away to send it to my parents.

Twenty-one days later, it was Christmas Eve.

“Oh, Ho Ho!” Father Christmas said as we set off.

“Oooh!” I shrieked as the reindeers started lifting us all up in the air. “Woohoo!” I screamed as we tilted upside down.

“Don’t worry,” Father Christmas stated, “We won’t fall, with the Christmas spirit!”

Once we were flying, he turned to me and said, “So I see you have been exceptionally good this year. That’s why I sent for you to come here to the North Pole! And it was on purpose!” Santa explained as he laughed.

“Have you enjoyed yourself?”

“Oh yes, of course!” I said. “This year’s Christmas has been the best one ever!”

“Now for the big plan.” Santa said, his eyes twinkling. “Let’s wrap you up in a present, this will be a wonderful surprise for your family eh, Bella!”

We started the journey around the world. We delivered all the presents to all the children! We went to Australia, America, Africa and even Antarctica! Then finally we arrived in Scotland, and Santa slowed down the sleigh when we got to the roof of my house.

We came down  and tiptoed into the lounge. My mum had left him some digestive biscuits and some chocolate brownies, fresh semi skimmed milk and some washed carrots for the reindeers. (she gave a big one to Rudolph!)

He waved and then I was wrapped up like a present. But I could still see the living room. Santa left a note on the scroll and told me to wait until morning. Then he went back up the chimney and out of sight.

I waited patiently for the glistening night to turn into the morning. The beautiful red sun shone, and the golden mountains shimmered in the sky. My family soon woke up and I just needed to wait for my baby sister Lottie to aggressively punch the biggest present…

She screamed as she scratched me in the face.

I yelled in slight pain.

“Oh Bella!” Lottie cried.

“Oh my goodness!” Mum yelled as she shed salty tears of joy.

“Taa daaa!” I screamed as I jumped out of the gift box and hugged my big sister Kelly.

“Guess what everyone? I met Santa!”

“Oh wow! Tell us all about it!” Dad exclaimed.

We settled down and had some hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows as we opened the presents. And I told my family everything.

“And so I came home with him in his sleigh, and we had a great idea that I would surprise you when I got back, wrapped as a present.”

“Sounds like a great adventure,” Mum said. “You are so lucky.”

“We’re so glad your back.” Kelly commented. “My sister has actually been to the North Pole.”

I looked at up the tree, and I saw the star again, it seemed to sparkle, and I knew! That was the way to go back if I ever wanted to. But for now, I settled in and enjoyed the best Christmas with my family.

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