Draft to Done Book Coaching is for writers and aspiring novelists who are ready to put the first draft of their novel together within 90 Days. Yes it is possible!

Hello writer.

You want to write a novel. It’s always been a desire and a dream to write a story, and hold your own published book in your hands.

Lately, you’ve been thinking about it. Maybe you’ve even written down a few thoughts and ideas. But you’re not sure how to proceed.

You may be feeling overwhelmed with the thought of writing so many thousand words.

You’re wondering if you can write something that other people will want to read.

You’re not sure how to structure the story, or even how to create interesting characters.

The blank page can be intimidating, and finding the time and confidence to write can seem impossible.

The task ahead feels so daunting, that you bury the thoughts and procrastinate on achieving your dream.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry you’re not alone! Many aspiring authors feel this way too. A lot of people want to write a novel, but they feel like they don’t have the right information and the right support and accountability to move them forward.

That’s why I’ve designed this coaching programme – to help writers like you!

I’m your “get unstuck” writing coach, and it’s my job to help you burst through any obstacles, so that you can finally start writing your story with clarity and confidence.

This 12-week book coaching is for you if:

♦  you are a writer who is serious about writing your book quickly

♦  you are tired of feeling overwhelmed with the writing process

♦  you are tired of procrastinating with your writing goals

♦  you are ready to be inspired and confident enough to overcome any challenges

♦  you are motivated to put the required effort into working on your draft

♦  you will cut out some of the distractions in your life, to achieve your writing goals

♦  you are keen to share your unique writing talents with the world

♦  you are ready to receive the help and advice you need to achieve your book

♦  you are ready to take the first step to becoming a successful author

♦  you are no longer in the excuses zone – this is going to happen!

The key aspect of this programme is support and accountability. If you’re trying to write a novel on your own, there will be days when you get discouraged, overwhelmed or tempted to quit. Sometimes, you may get distracted, start making excuses and slack off. And chances are, the longer you slack off, the harder it is to pick up from where you left off.

Image 03But with my Draft to Done book coaching, every week you’ll get lessons and tips to move you forward.

You’ll get feedback on the progress that you’ve made so far, and encouraging ideas to help you move past your doubts.

You’ll get writing prompts and exercises to keep your words flowing and break through writer’s block.

You’ll get advice to help you discover your own writing voice and potential.

You’ll get support and helpful weekly targets to help you stay on track.

By the end of the course, you’ll realise that you were able to do it and not only that, you actually enjoyed writing your book!

The coaching is designed to cover the following areas:

1: Finding your voice and picking a worthy idea
Where do your ideas come from? How do you pick a good idea for your novel? How do you know which ideas are worth your time? We’ll go through how to separate good ideas from boring ideas.

2: Who is your audience?
Who are you writing for? Do you want to write a novel that young children will enjoy, or do you prefer to appeal to a bored housewife? Will your target reader be a lawyer living in the city or a university student? How will you appeal to your ideal reader?

3: What genre are you writing in?
Do you know what genre, (if any) your story falls into? Do you understand the rules and expectations of each genre? We will go through the broad genres such as romance, sci-fi, thrillers, horror, and also sub-genres and crossovers.

4: Planning your Story – Choosing Your Protagonist and Creating Compelling Characters
How do you create characters that are unforgettable? How do you create characters that your readers can relate with? Who is the protagonist in your story? Who is the antagonist? How do they change as the story progresses? What are the motives of your main characters?

5: Planning your Story – Choosing a point of view
Who is your narrator? Whose point of view should the reader see? Are you writing in first person, or third person? Are you writing with multiple points of view? When and how do you switch between them?

6: Planning your Story – Plot and Conflicts
Now you’ve created your characters, and you know which point of view we’re writing from, you need to have a plot and lots of conflicts for them to solve. How do you weave a compelling script that keeps your readers hooked?

7: Writing your Story – Outlines and Synopsis
Writing your synopsis will give you an overview of the whole story from beginning to end. Then you need to break it down into chapters, and that’s where your outline comes in. We’ll go through the need for a comprehensive outline and how it is very important for completing that first draft.

8: Writing the story –  Research
Why you should conduct research to make your story more credible. This week we’ll be working on the key aspects of your story that creates a believable world, and moves the story forward. How to weave your research into your story so that it adds to the richness of the plot and does not distract the reader.

9: Writing the story –  Descriptions, Narration and Dialogue

Now, we’re in the middle of writing the story. How do you balance out the elements of description, narration and dialogue? You don’t want your reader having to wade through pages of description before any action happens, and you don’t want to overwhelm your story with too much narration either. How to write descriptions that create a vivid picture in your reader’s mind, how to write dialogue that engages the reader and is true to the character.

10: Writing the story – Adding Suspense
How do you keep the reader hooked? How do you make the reader keep turning the pages of your book, wanting to know what happens next? Find out…

11: Writing the story – Busting writer’s block and concluding your story
Everyone deals with creative blocks from time to time. We’ll go through some tips for removing blocks and overcoming the fear of the blank page. And what to do to keep pushing until you type “The End”.

12: Editing, Getting Published and Next Steps
Congratulations! Now you’ve finished writing your first draft. What do you do next? We’ll go through the necessary next steps that includes a lot of crossing out and editing, then how you can start preparing your work for publication.

Bonus Lesson: Feedback and Word Count Target – Using all the tips and techniques from the previous week, try to add at least 5000 words to your manuscript.

Here’s what you’ll get in the coaching programme:

  • Introductory and Welcome Session

  • 12 Live Weekly Coaching Calls via Skype (Will be recorded)

  • Worksheets and Guidance Notes

  • Weekly Coursework and Assignments

  • Structure and Accountability

  • Email support for the duration of the course

  • Reviews of your WIP and Feedback

  • Professional Publishing Consultation

Free Registration Bonuses

And that’s not all! When you register, you’ll receive these awesome bonuses (worth over £350)  absolutely free:

Bonus #1 – You’ll get immediate access to my mini-course “5 Steps to Writing Your Plot” which will get you started with the exact steps to crafting your plot before the actual writing begins, so that you successfully complete your first draft. (Worth £100)

Bonus #2 – You’ll get immediate access to my Creative Writing Course, and all the workbooks and audio files. This will lay the foundation for any kind of novel you want to write, and you can use the materials over and over again. (Worth £250)

Bonus #3: You’ll receive a FREE copy of my ebook, “The Procrastination Cure”. This ebook will give you real, helpful advice on how to overcome that pesky problem that all writers face. (Worth £7)

Bonus #4 – You’ll receive a FREE copy of my ebook, “Avoiding the New Author Trap” which will give you solid and valuable advice for when you’re considering self-publishing your work. (Worth £7)

Bonus #5 – You’ll receive a FREE 12-Step Book Finishing Checklist of things you need to do before you publish your book. (Worth £7)

Plus: If you decide to publish your book with me, you’ll also get free access to my Self-Publishing Course.


The investment for this coaching programme is £1599

PS: Instalment plans are available. You can make payments of two or three instalments. Please contact [email protected] to discuss these options.

Image 11Just Imagine…..

♦ Imagine cutting through all the confusion, doubts, second-guessing and writer’s block.

♦ Imagine feeling confident about your work – finally.

♦ Imagine the huge sense of accomplishment you’ll get as you type “The End” when you finish your manuscript!

♦ Imagine holding your very own published book in your hands in a few months time.

♦ Imagine having the title “Author” at the end of your name.

♦ Imagine seeing your name and your book come up on Amazon!

All this is possible if you take the right action now! Even if you don’t have loads of time. Even if you think you can’t write as well as your favourite author. Even if you’re worried that you have held yourself back in the past. Sign up for the Draft to Done book coaching for writers and start working towards your dream today.


So why do I need a writing coach?

As your writing coach, I will help you:

  • get clear about your goals – why you want to write, who you want to reach and how to achieve those goals.Coaching Page 05
  • develop a plan for success, so that you reach those goals.
  • create a system for: taking action each week, having accountability to support your success, addressing any challenges you’re having in meeting your goals and overcoming any roadblocks to achievement.
  • assess your progress and make any necessary changes to your plan.
  • provide feedback on your writing.
  • overcome creativity blocks
  • manage your time effectively and find the time to write and get published
  • make the process easier, more fun and more effective.

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Tolulope Popoola, I’m a your “Get Unstuck” Writing Coach and Publishing Consultant here @ Accomplish Press. I help aspiring authors like you to overcome obstacles, clear self-doubt and reconnect with your creative side, so that you can finally write and publish the book you want!

I started writing way back when I was a little girl, about six years old. But I got teased in school by my friends who thought I was weird, so I stopped for a while. However, I never lost my love for reading and I read anything I could get my hands on. As a teenager, I kept diaries and journals, and writing was my therapy whenever I was upset.

Much later, I left school went off to university and went down the path of Accounting and Finance in my career. However, I soon realised that I was not making use of my creative skills and doing the things I was passionate about. In 2006, I discovered blogging and voila – my creativity and interest in writing was rekindled! From then on, I started writing short stories and flash fiction, and learning everything I could about the writing and publishing industry. I took a writing class, I bought lots of books on writing, and subscribed to many writer’s groups. I made a lot of mistakes and learned from them, until finally, in 2008 I quit my job as an accountant to become a full-time writer.

First, I started a writing blog and started posting articles, short stories and flash fiction. Then I created an online fiction series, In My Dreams It Was Simpler, which I co-wrote with seven other writers. In 2009, I wrote my first novel (which was never published). In 2011, I finished working on my novel titled Nothing Comes Close which was a spin-off from the series. I tried to get it published traditionally, but I faced rejection from mainstream publishers. Not because my work was bad, but because they thought it was “ethnic fiction” and therefore wasn’t commercially viable.

So I decided to do things my own way, and I founded Accomplish Press. I published my novel successfully in 2012, and it got good reviews so I’m sure I did something right. I’ve also recently published three collections of flash fiction stories; Memoirs of a Lagos Wedding Planner, Fertile Imagination and Looking For Something. My work has been featured in several publications both online and in print, I’ve won awards, and even earned the title of Africa’s Flash Fiction Queen.

As a Writing Coach and Publishing Consultant, I’m passionate about helping new writers through the initial stage of confusion and feeling overwhelmed when they are just starting out. I also teach aspiring authors all the tools and strategies they need to self-publish their manuscripts after they’re done with writing and editing.

I’ve created this coaching programme to help writers like you to beat procrastination, burst through writer’s block, provide you with the accountability and support you need, cut out the confusion and write your first draft in just a few months!

During this coaching programme, I’m going to show you how to write your novel, with the outlines and structures that I’ve put in place. I look forward to meeting you on the programme soon!

What my clients say:

“I signed up for 8-Week One to One coaching sessions with Tolulope Popoola. It was the right thing to motivate me to get writing in the new year. The sessions were always on time and professional with practical tips to help my writing. I recommend coaching sessions with Tolulope to any writer who needs motivation and expertise for their writing.” ~ Sabine Adeyinka, Coaching Client

“We contacted Tolulope Popoola for a book coaching service. We needed someone who understood the culture of the character being written about and also knew about the different environments the character will traverse.

Tolulope is someone who knows the whole writing-to-publishing process and has a way with children. My daughter instantly took a liking to her, and this motivated my daughter to stay through each coaching session. My daughter liked the fact that Tolu could spur ideas in her and never shut down her own suggestions. I appreciated the professionalism Tolulope displayed throughout the coaching session, and always keeping us abreast with next steps.

It would be my pleasure to recommend Tolulope’s services to anyone who seeks my advice. I am already considering her services for my personal writing projects.” Rita O. Parent of Book Coaching Client.

“I worked with Tolulope Popoola on her Self-Publishing course to learn how to independently publish my book. Tolulope was professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the course, it was a huge learning curve for me, and I’m happy that she used my book to demonstrate the publishing process, so it was learning by practice. The course was definitely worth every penny, and I will happily recommend Tolulope’s services to other aspiring authors – in fact I’ve already referred a friend.”  Amaka Azie, Publishing Client

I wanted to learn more about getting published and the path to do so. Tolulope explained it perfectly. I learned some stuff I did not realise I needed to know. The scheduling of the Consultation was well set up. I loved the ease of the scheduling process and it was on time when it happened. There are not many people that would take the time out of their schedule like she did to do what she did to help me. It is awesome that she is doing this and is willing to follow up with me when I am ready to publish, I look forward to that appointment. – William Rought – Consulting Client

I worked with Tolulope to publish my book. I was hesitant at first because I was worried about transparency and reliability with most online publishers. I did not have those problems with Tolulope. She  was very professional, effective and efficient and we had a good publisher-client relationship. I’m happy to recommend her services to other aspiring authors. – Chibuzo Obimdike – Publishing Client

I contacted Tolulope for a professional consultation. I was worried about harsh criticisms from a more experienced author, but that wasn’t the case. What I liked most about the session was Tolulope’s frankness, honesty and she was polite with the grooming of a truly humble individual. I recommend Tolulope to new writers out there.- Ukah Chukwude – Consulting Client

Do you have any more questions?

If you want to speak to me to ask questions or discuss any aspect of this programme, please book a complimentary 15-minute discovery session and I will be happy to chat with you.

If you’re ready, go ahead and sign up now!

Testimonial -
I reached out to Tolu to help in developing my daughter's creative writing skills. Tolu was very professional and supportive. My daughter enjoys the classes and this has further increased her interest in writing. I would definitely recommend the club to others.

- Ogechi Okelu

Testimonial -

Tolu came highly recommended for her teaching style by a close friend. Signing up my daughter for the creative writing club four years ago has been a wise decision and investment. The classes creates an environment for the children to express themselves, be imaginative and creative. These classes with Tolu have really developed my daughter's writing ability and vocabulary, but most of all her confidence. I highly recommend Tolu expertise and cannot wait for her to bring out the best in my son as well.

- Christiana Ugowe