Featured Story #11 – The New Creation

Hello everyone! We are sharing another story from our series, Featured Short Stories, written by students in the Creative Writing Club. This week’s story was from the prompt: Write a story about a shy quiet boy who built a robot with an unusual set of skills and became famous in his town. This story was written by […]

Favouritism – Featured Story #10

In “Favouritism,” a story from our Featured Short Stories series by the Creative Writing Club, 10-year-old Chinwendu narrates the tale of sibling rivalry and jealousy. Victoria struggles with acting, overshadowed by her sister Valerie’s prowess. After a dramatic fallout and a risky runaway attempt, familial misunderstandings are resolved, demonstrating the siblings’ equal worth and unique talents. This story, penned with youthful insight, reflects on acceptance and personal growth amidst familial expectations.