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Hello everyone! We’ve been busy here at Accomplish Press, and we have two new offerings to show for it.

The first book, Melodies of Love is for lovers of contemporary romance stories. You’ll be thrilled to read this engaging, sweet story about two Nigerian characters navigating the challenges of fame, family, career and heartbreak.

The second book, Reversing the Rot in Nigeria, is for people who want to educate themselves about how Nigeria got into the mess we are currently in, and how we can begin to take steps to reverse those problems.

Watch this space! We will be giving you more information about these books, including when they are out, and where you can buy copies.

Coming Soon!

Melodies of Love Book Cover

Book Title: Melodies of Love

Author: Amaka Azie

Formats: Paperback and Ebook

Book Description: After her teenage romance with now popular music star, Aristar, ended in a disastrous heartbreak twelve years ago, Adaora finds herself thrust back into his life when her financial firm is employed to organise Aristar’s finances. She has a fortress built around her heart and finds it hard to trust. Can she forget the bitter past and allow love to find her once again, or is the past enough to shatter her dreams of happily ever after forever?

Ikenna, one of Nigeria’s highest paid musicians, is finally at the top of his game. He has fame, more money that he could ever dream of, and the life he has always wanted. He seems to have it all, but something is missing. In spite of all the women who throw themselves at him, the one person he can’t seem to forget is Adaora. He has manipulated events to bring her back into his life, but will he be able to convince her to give them another chance, or will the bitterness of the past destroy their chance at happiness?

Available: 31st October 2016


Reversing the Rot in Nigeria

Coming Soon!

Book Title: Reversing the Rot in Nigeria

Author: Olugesun Oyegbami

Book Description: Nigeria has been described in unflattering terms as the giant with the feet of clay, the grown up man still wearing diapers, and it’s generation as the wasted generation. These sum up the glaring fact that the country has underperformed on all positive indices of material development, given the huge human potential and natural resources available to it over the years. This book probes further and identifies the particular swings, policy decisions, our actions and inactions that have brought us to this nadir of human existence.

It does not require rocket science to turn Nigeria around to face a progressive path; it just requires honesty, clear thinking, fashioning out rational policies and a commitment to the common good, to get us on the right track. We need to know, “where the rain started beating us, and where and how it is still beating us”. These questions are answered in this book.

Formats: Paperback and Ebook

Available: December 2016

Both books will be available from most online retailers in both ebook and paperback formats, including Amazon, B&N, Waterstones, WHSmith, etc.

If you’re a reviewer, blogger or journalist, and you would like to request a copy of these books to review, please contact us via email: publicity (@)

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