“What we seek is seeking us”

I recently got an email from a client who was interested in my Creative Writing Workshop for Children, and in that email, she made this statement, “What we seek is seeking us”. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard it or come across similar concepts, but this time, the truth of that statement struck me. It’s similar to other concepts like “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”, and it’s also similar to the Biblical concept of “Seek and you shall find.”

In life, we all have desires that come from deep within us. Sometimes, we don’t even know why we have these desires, we just know that a longing inside us is crying out to be fulfilled. It could be the desire to travel, the desire to move to a different city, the desire to change careers, the desire to write stories, the desire to create beautiful works of art, the desire to help someone, the desire to explore a talent, or pursue a new degree, etc. But sometimes, we hide our desires, we bury them, or we ignore them. Maybe because of fear, doubts, maybe because the idea seems too crazy, or maybe simply because we don’t know how to bring those desires to reality. We may not know who to approach, we may not know who has taken the path before us, that we can follow.

But you know what? Our true desires never really go away! Your deepest desires are a part of you, and no matter how much you ignore them, or hide them, or rationalise why they are too crazy to happen, they will always be with you. That’s why sometimes, when you see somebody else having that thing you desire, there’s a part of you that is triggered (you might respond with jealousy because they are “lucky” to have that thing you desire or you could respond with sadness because you wrongly believe that it could never happen for you.) You know you want it, but you just don’t know how to get it.

But what if you dared to step outside your fear and your ego that is holding you back? What if you suddenly decided that pursuing your desire is worth more than staying in your comfort zone? What if you just took the first step, and then the next? What if…? Well I tell you what happens – suddenly you start seeing things “magically” happening! The right people start appearing in your view, you “coincidentally” find the right resources to read, you “stumble upon” the right website or article online, you “somehow” meet a mentor who has taken the same path you wish to take, or you suddenly start getting new opportunities that help you take the next step. Do you know what is happening? What you were seeking all along, has been seeking you! That desire you’ve always wanted to bring to life has been waiting for you to make the first move of faith, and then everything else will start falling into place.

I’ve seen this happen in my own life and career over and over again, too many times to count. When I was questioning my choice to become an Accountant, I met someone who loved her job as a Financial Analyst, and she made me realise I was in the wrong job. Soon, I met someone else who was a writer and totally loved what she did for a living. Meeting her was like having several light-bulb moments, that helped me decide to change my career. When I was just starting out as a new writer and I had so many things to learn, I met a doctor who was also a writer, and he patiently read my work, gave me constructive advice, and taught me a lot about the writing and publishing industry. When I was thinking of creating an online fiction series, I suddenly noticed that I was surrounded by exactly the kind of writers I wanted. Recently, when I was feeling overwhelmed and looking for guidance on what to do next, I “randomly” came across a coach who was doing the same things I wanted to do, and he was so inspiring that I knew my meeting him was NOT a coincidence.

And in my work, I’ve met so many people who have told me that I appeared in their lives at exactly the right time, for example: when they were looking for inspiration to quit their soul-sucking jobs and pursue their passion, when they were looking for people who wrote flash fiction, when they were looking for help with their writing and publishing goals, or looking for someone to teach their child how to write!

Do you see what I mean? Perhaps you can think back to some incidents in your life too, that circumstances miraculously began to arrange themselves in your favour, once you decided to make a move and step out in faith (instead of letting fear hold you back).

Now you may be at a point where you are hiding your desires. But I believe you are reading this email for a reason. Stop hiding your desires, stop waiting for the perfect time, stop procrastinating, stop arguing with your “rational” senses, stop looking for excuses. Decide today that you will take just one step forward. It may be starting a blog, it may be visiting the school’s website and ordering their prospectus, it may be sending that email to the influencer in your industry, it may be doing a simple Google search and checking out the results, it may be drawing up that business plan, applying for that job or writing that proposal. Whatever your desire is, just take one small step towards it, and I guarantee you that the next step will open up. Will you be brave enough to try?

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To your success!

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