Introducing: 12 Weeks To Your First Draft

12 Weeks to First Draft Online Writing Course

Introducing our brand new programme! A 12-Week Online Coaching Programme for writers who are ready to put their first draft together within 90 Days. Yes it is possible!

This course is for you if:

  • you are a writer who is serious about pushing out your next book fast
  • you are tired of feeling overwhelmed with the writing process
  • you are tired of procrastinating with your writing goals
  • you are motivated to put the required effort into working on your draft
  • you will cut out some of the distractions in your life, to achieve your writing goals
  • you are keen to share your unique writing talents with the world
  • you are ready to receive the help and advice you need to achieve your book
  • you are ready to take the first step to becoming a successful author
  • you are no longer in the excuses zone – this is going to happen!

Imagine cutting through all the overwhelm, doubts, second-guessing and writer’s block. Imagine holding your book in your hands by this time next year. Imagine having the title “Author” at the end of your name. All this is possible if you take the right action now.

This course is designed to cover the following areas:

Week 1 – Finding your voice and picking a worthy idea
Week 2 – Who is your audience?
Week 3 – What genre are you writing in?
Week 4 – Planning your story – character and dialogue
Week 5 – Planning your story – plot and conflicts
Week 6 – Planning your story – descriptions, setting and theme
Week 7 – Research – facts and creative license
Week 8 – Writing the story – Choosing a point of view and Outlining
Week 9 – Writing the story –Outlines and Synopsis
Week 10 – Adding conflict, tension and suspense
Week 11 – Busting writer’s block and concluding your story
Week 12 – Editing, Getting Published and Next Steps


If you want to write a novel without sacrificing your soul or spending months feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, then please Click Here to find out more.

Or if you want to speak to someone right away, please book a free 15-minute discovery session with Tolulope Popoola to discuss any questions you may have about this programme.

Thank you!

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