Writing Topic: Plot or Not?

Plot or


✍🏽Hello Scribes! Today I’m asking, do you have a plot outline before you start writing? Or do you just start as soon as inspiration strikes, and see where the story leads you? 🤔⁠

I think it depends on your personal preference, but also on the type of story you’re writing. If you’re writing a short story or flash fiction, you probably don’t need a plot and surprises can be a good thing! However, I think the longer the story, the better it is if you at least have a plan for where it is going.⁠

The genre you’re writing matters too. For some genres, you need to know what happens from start to finish otherwise you’ll miss something important during the writing process. Others like Fantasy for example, you can be flexible and just take your characters on a wild adventure.⁠

If you’re trying to brainstorm or get out of a rut, then taking a story prompt and running with it is great. If you already have a few good ideas you’re considering, I think it’s worth taking time to build a plot around them. That exercise could help you decide which story idea is more viable.⁠

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