Press Release: New Collection of Poems, “The Immigrant” explores Life as an African in the UK

Debut Collection of Poems, “The Immigrant” explores Life as an African in the UK

Accomplish Press is pleased to announce the official publication of “The Immigrant – A Collection of Poems and Reflections” by Tundun Adeyemo. The debut collection of poems chart the course of a young girl who left her family, friends, loves and homeland behind to forge a new career and life in a foreign country. The main narrative of the poems reveal the struggles of a Nigerian girl trying to adapt to life in England, encountering a very different reality from what she had imagined, struggling to cope with loneliness, dealing with snobbery, racial prejudice and finding a home in a new place.

 Tundun Adeyemo, the Nigerian born author, taps into her own experience of living as an immigrant in the UK to write these personal and heartfelt poems. “I’ve been writing poems for a long time,” she said. “I write to express my feelings and record my emotions.”

 Poems of this sort that chronicle life as an immigrant in the UK are not very common. There was a need to discover this topic through the eyes of a narrator who has experienced the feelings of being far away from home. The concept of “back home” and the loneliness of missing all that is familiar is explored.

 “The poems are not exactly autobiographical, but they are drawn from my experience and the experiences of people like me. People who left their homes in search of a better education, in search of the opportunities life in a first world country brings.” Tundun said.

 Perhaps this collection will help us to understand better, the reasons why immigrants come to a foreign country, how they view their new world, how they adapt to the strangeness, and how they finally reach out and settle into their new place. And perhaps one day, even accept the new country as home.

 The experiences of immigrants; regardless of where they are from; can be universal, and it is our hope that these poems will touch the heart of anyone, whether they have immigrated themselves, or they have friends who are immigrants – foreigners in a land that they were not born in.

 “I hope to continue writing poems like these, poems that touch hearts, poems that are not afraid to explore real emotions about our current human condition,” Tundun said. “Poetry keeps me honest and I would love to publish a second volume very soon.”

 “The Immigrant” is available as an eBook in various formats from Amazon Kindle Store, Smashwords and other eBook retailers. The book will be officially released on the 12th of May 2014.

The Immigrant – Poems and Reflections by Tundun Adeyemo

Published May 12th 2014 by Accomplish Press

Format: eBook

Price: $3.99 (Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords)

8500 words

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