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Accomplish PressWe are working on having all our paperback titles distributed and sold in Nigeria. However, we are now in partnership with Fynom Books and Okadabooks to distribute our eBook titles across the country, via mobile phones, tablets and other ereader devices.


To purchase Nothing Comes Close from Fynom Books, click here: Buy Now 


To purchase Fertile Imagination from Fynom Books, click here: Buy Now

(Ebook versions of “The Immigrant” and “Outspoken: The Book” will be available soon.)


OkadalogoTo purchase our books from Okadabooks, click here to download the app: Download Okadabooks App then just do a search for the title you are looking for, and follow the instructions. Viola! The ebook is yours! If you have any questions regarding using the app, please visit their FAQ page

If you’re interested in paperback copies, please send an email to preorders @ accomplishpress.com . We will send you an email to let you know when the books are available and how you can purchase a copy.

PS: If you live in the UK, US, Canada or Europe, you can order Nothing Comes Close from Amazon and most other online retailers. You can also get special autographed copies directly from us via Paypal. Click the button below to process your order:


If you have any questions, please send an email to: publisher @ accomplishpress.com

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