Book Title: Fertile Imagination (Flash Fiction Collection) Fertile Imagination by Tolulope Popoola

Author: Tolulope Popoola

Book Description: Fertile Imagination and Other Stories (Ebook) is a collection of twelve flash fiction stories written by Tolulope Popoola. It includes themes of love, loss, surprise, humour death, abuse and lots more. Each story is less than 500 words, but nevertheless, they still pack a punch and deliver enough twists and suspense to leave you wanting more! This is bite-sized fiction at its best, perfect if you have little time for reading long books.

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About the Author

Tolulope Popoola was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She moved to England for her university education where she studied BA Accounting and Business Economics and a Masters in Finance and Investment. She started blogging in 2006, which rekindled her love for writing and telling stories. A few writing classes and an online fiction series soon followed and Tolulope quit her Accounting career to write full-time. She now writes short stories, flash fiction, and articles for many print and online magazines. Nothing Comes Close is her first novel.

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