Creative Writing Club for Kids and Teens

with Tolulope Popoola, Author and Writing Coach

Hello parents!

Does your child love writing? Is he or she always scribbling in their notebooks, or would rather read a book than watch TV? Does your child one day dream of writing a book and becoming an author? Have you spotted a writing talent that you want to encourage and nurture? Then read on!

We are giving young aspiring authors a chance to start writing, honing their craft early and become authors. If you have a budding writer living with you, or you want to encourage a young person to explore and improve their creative writing skills, then this will be of great interest to you!

Writing is a skill that everyone, young or old needs. Written communication is a very important part of learning, and creativity is a lifelong attribute of successful people. Young scholars will greatly benefit from taking part in this creative writing club. Every week, they will gain confidence in their own creative abilities, be able to brainstorm different ideas on various topics,  improve their spelling, grammar and punctuation, and become creators of their own content, instead of just consumers.

They will work on writing both fiction and non-fiction, and become versatile at writing in many different genres. At the end of each class, students will be encouraged to read their work to the class, and their peers will give them feedback. They are to take the feedback on board and use it to improve on future assignments.

This creative writing club provides an opportunity for children to explore different techniques of writing fiction and non-fiction. The children will:

  • Improve their creativity and imagination through writing exercises and prompts
  • Improve their language and vocabulary
  • Experiment with new ideas through free writing
  • Improve their spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Enjoy writing based on child-friendly themes
  • Learn what elements make a good story and how to weave them together
  • Gain an awareness and appreciation of different writing styles
  • Learn about writing different types of essays and articles
  • Learn how to read, discuss and give feedback on each other’s work
  • Improve their public speaking skills and boost their confidence


Feedback from some of my students and parents

I decided to enrol my son for The Creative Writing Club after a friend recommended it to me. It was during lockdown and my plan was to stop my son when school resumed. However, he is two months back in school and is always looking forward to the next writing class on Saturdays. It has become one of his favourite routines! He has improved a lot in reading and writing. His teacher said he is always keen to share his ideas in class. I would give credit to Madam Tolu for this. Her classes are very interactive and she is interested in the opinion of every child. I would certainly recommend The Creative Writing Club. – Oghogho Izedonmwen


Our two boys (aged 9yrs and 7yrs), started Tolu’s creative writing class about two months ago and they are really enjoying it. They look forward to joining the class every Monday evening after school. Tolu is very patient and she has really good communication skills. The boys started off not wanting to write much but now they write multiple pages of really interesting stories. Thanks Tolu😊 – Busayo Sonuga


I strongly recommend Tolulope Popoola as a writing coach. She is such a great teacher and is very good with children. I have the opportunity to listen in during some lessons and I hear how she asks the children the right questions that make them think and participate. She has a way of engaging them and making them feel confident in their own ideas. She challenges them to write short stories in different genres and listens patiently to each person during the lessons. My daughter enjoys the lessons and actually went on to publish her first book at 12 years. She still loves writing. Thank you Tolulope Popoola for your dedication and professionalism. – Njideka Chika Anikpo


Creative Writing Club has helped me eminently. Throughout my lessons I have been writing mini stories and exploring characters personalities in many different ways. Creative Writing has taught me that your story doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect but you can have fun and express yourself by showing your thoughts and feelings. It has also helped me to discover different ways to use my mind’s eye to make my stories come to life. I have used a variety of films and other books to create my own stories with a unique story line. I have been taught so much and am looking forward to getting my story published by the help of my amazing teacher Tolulope and my team mates. Writing has helped me broaden my voice. – Nicole, 10 years old.

Classroom Sessions

Time: Every Saturday 10.00am to 12.00pm

Tutor: Tolulope Popoola – Writing Coach and Publisher @ Accomplish Press


To register, please fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch with you right away. If you have any questions, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to discuss with you!

**Please note that due to the pandemic and other logistical issues, we are holding all classes virtually until further notice.

Online Sessions

There is now an online version of the Creative Writing Club! So now, everyone, no matter where you’re based, can be a member of our club! We’re happy to welcome children from all over Nigeria, the UK, US, Europe, Canada, Asia, etc!

The Online Club is held in our virtual classroom every Saturday on Skype. The course materials are at and it is hosted on the Teachable platform. You can log in every week to access the content such as videos, notes, workbooks and assignments.

If you’re interested in your child joining our online creative writing club, please register below, and for a monthly fee, your child will be granted access to the materials and take part in the live teaching sessions on Saturday mornings.

Time: Every Saturday 10.00am to 12.00pm UK time (via Skype)

Tutor: Tolulope Popoola – Writing Coach and Publisher @ Accomplish Press

We look forward to welcoming new online members to our club! For any enquiries, please send an email to: . Thank you.

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