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Ghostwriting Feature #1 – Abidemi Sanusi

For the next few weeks here at Accomplish Press, we are focusing on the topic of Ghostwriting. There is a lot of misunderstanding about what ghostwriting is, what ghostwriters do exactly, how the agreements are drawn up, how to find a ghostwriter, and so on. To help us understand it better, we have four featured Q […]

Coming Soon! Golden Pot of Proverbs by Grace Ikirimat

Book Title: “Golden Pot of Proverbs” by Grace Ikirimat Book Description: An interesting and detailed collection of proverbs and wise sayings from across the world including China, Africa, America, and Europe. The collection has been put together by Grace Ikirimat, she was inspired by her father’s love of proverbs. The collection will be available as […]

Why Should Authors Have a Blog?

Why Authors Need a Blog A writer’s time is precious. Twenty-four hours may seem like a lot of time, but when you are an author in today’s highly competitive environment, what you choose to do with those hours can make a big difference. The concept of blogging has been around for years now. Many who […]

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